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You twisted your knife inside of me
Carved out what was mine
Poured your agony into my soul
Left me retching, gasping for air

You let your words pervade me
used your madness to invade my very being
You killed my joy and glory
Brought only silent numbness

You smothered my spirit
You hijacked my mind
You broke my will
You withered my heart

Black as ink the poison spread
slowly through the veins
that clenched my barely beating heart.
With a cold hard sheet
of diamond dust
I layered the shattered pieces
and bleeding parts

So empty I was
I barely existed.
Never knowing, never thinking
Never questioning and never feeling.

"Don't try.  Just do it."


Anger and bitterness
Hostility and prejudice
slowly wrapped their desolate coils round my body
like a serpent's around its prey

I was the gazelle,
Isolated, alone
Not understanding why,
my body broken, eyes glassy and uncomprehending,
as the venemous gaping mouth
devoured me whole.

I still don't understand.
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TallCanXD Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
That was terrific! Great word use.
It captured me.
Keep it up!
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